About us

Pure artistic quality and

free musical expression

of children

Children are born with pure artistic quality.

“Musical Journey Lessons” are ready to provide the children with environment which to try and develop their spontaneous and free expressions.

“Musical Journey (MJ thereafter)” is a musical world, where people beyond generations and professional artists gather and express their opinions especially Skilled Musicianship; Music educations , High-quality musical-materials can be grown up together.

Activities based on

the community and

worldwide musical-space

“MJ” is confident to be a worldwide musical-space to help the people, who have abundant experience abroad and intimate professional knowledge, to appeal those experiences and knowledge to the fullest as well as based on the community.

In the diversified world of music, where every person considers about the aim of performance and searches various expressions through artistic and educational activities, “MJ” also has repeated trials-and-errors.

For children who come to “MJ Lesson”, daily exercises of instruments are not only are routine works to be performers. The studies we are searching for are the essence of music, musical experiences including other genres and so on, help them to express themselves and guide them to various choices of music in the future.

As well as professional artists who are active at many different scenes, we are hoping to achieve our aim and keep challenging studying, creating, deeply involve with young musicians every day, and play music from bottom of our heart.

Play music from bottom of our heart.