With Music, Day By Day

To share the delight to bear music in mind,

To share the happiness of playing instruments,

Asking yourself to realise your dream,

Hoping to make music the source of one's life.

Communication and conversation with each pupil,

That's how we start our “Musical Journey”.


Piano Lesson

Currently we are full. For the future availavilities,

please visit our website update.


Akiko OsedoProfile

[Pianist / Organizer of Musical journey]

Akiko Osedo

Pianist / Organizer of Musical journey

Born in Tokyo. She graduated from the Piano Department and the Pedagogical Diploma Course of Toho Gakuen School of Music (Tokyo). Charmed by the Catalan music, devoted herself to her studies in Barcelona at Academia Marshall with the professor Alicia de Larrocha, etc. She won the highest prize at the Federico Mompou Memorial Competition. She received the teaching of life as well as music from Mrs.Carmen Bravo de Mompou, and the enchantment of the Spanish music from Mr. Jiro Hamada. Besides performance activities, she also runs a musical journey (MJ) piano studio that nurtures spontaneous and free expressive power of children of the community to deliver them to the future.


From age of 5 to adult,

For those who wish to join, we will ask you for an interview and experiences.

Lesson date

pm : Mon / Tue / Thu / Fri / Sat

am : Thu / Sat

Annual events

MJ Lab (July)

MJ concert (December) etc.

Lesson fee (tax included)

Admission fee ¥ 5,000 (delivered only once in the enrollment month)

Monthly lessons

TimeLesson feeFacility common expenses
60 minutes¥15,000+¥1,200
45 minutes¥12,500+¥1,000
40 minutes¥11,000+¥900
30 minutes¥9,000+¥800

One lesson

TimeLesson feeFacility common expenses
90 minutes¥10,000+¥800
60 minutes¥5,500+¥450
45 minutes¥4,500+¥350
40 minutes¥4,000+¥300
30 minutes¥3,500+¥300

étoile MJ

étoile MJ… in our classes, all pupils will learn all sorts of music by creating harmony, playing instruments, and also learn(feel) music with physical excises.

All students will require to do voice training. They will be able to interact with real artists as well. We will help them searching the true music for them.


Akane Ishii [Soprano singer / Voice trainer]

Akiko Osedo [Pianist / Organizer of Musical journey]

Guest musician

Smooth Ace [Chorus ensemble]Link

Lesson date

1st and 3rd Wednesday pm from 5:30 to 7:00 of every month

Lesson fee (tax included)

Admission fee ¥ 5,000 (delivered only once in the enrollment month

PhaseMonthTimesLesson fee
Phase 14 - 78 times¥18,000
Phase 29 - 128 times¥18,000
Phase 31 - 36 times¥15,000

*Facility common expenses ¥900/ a year, Material fee and Concert appearances etc,.

*We plan to revise the fiscal year 2021.


From age of 9 to 13 (during remote class)

Application / Student Recruitment

Student Recruitment 6 students (For infection control and prevention)


Remote classes are currently in progress.
You can visit or experience the class.
Now, only in japanese.


Normally place filled with children, MJ is became a Singing Salon for adults.

Currently 15 adults gather every a month and enjoy singing beautiful songs and enrich their mind.

Please join us anytime. We look forward to seeing you!

Voice trainer, Pianist

Ichiro Negishi (Br)

Akiko Osedo (Pf)



武蔵野音楽大学声楽科、早稲田大学文学部フランス文学専修卒業。パリ第IV大学修士(比較文学)修了。第29回フランス音楽コンクール(大阪)第2位入賞および日仏音楽協会=関西賞、フランス総領事賞他受賞。第11回日仏声楽コンクール(東京)第3位入賞。アンリ・ソーゲ国際コンクール2000“L'art du Chant”(マルティグ)「フランス歌曲賞」受賞。カミーユ・モラーヌ、中村浩子、川村英司、村田健司の各氏に師事。演奏活動は幅広く、特に精緻なディクションによってフランス近代歌曲での評価が高く第17回以来日仏声楽コンクール審査員を務める。ヴォーカル・アンサンブル・カペラ、ムジカ・センペンティスなど古楽アンサンブルメンバーとして中世・ルネサンス音楽の分野で多くの演奏、録音に参加。 オペラへの出演も、グルック「思いがけない巡り会い」、トマ「ミニヨン」、マスネ「マノンの肖像」、ドビュッシー「アッシャー家の崩壊」、セヴラック「風車の心」、石桁眞礼生「河童譚」、三木稔「うたよみざる」、青島広志「火の鳥(ヤマト編)」など、日本初演作を含んで多彩である。伊福部昭氏の作品には深く傾倒し、意欲的に演奏を重ねると共にCD「伊福部昭の団体歌」をリリース。日本フォーレ協会、コンセール・C、東京室内歌劇場会員。


Singing lovers

Entry fee

One time ¥1,500

Period ¥6,000

Six times in semester / half year. A singing party will be held at the final 6th time.

Activity date

Second Thursday of the month

AM 10: 30 to PM 12: 00

Way to participate

You can apply directly at the store on the 1st floor shop.

Or Phone 03-3322-2121(Futabaya), or 03-6413-0054(MJ).

Violin Lesson

MJ is looking for students for Chiaki Yamasaki violin classes.

Wednesday: from children to adults.


Chiaki YamazakiProfile

[Violinist,Composer,Concert Producer]

Chiaki Yamazaki

Violinist,Composer,Concert Producer

Chiaki Yamazaki was born in Tokyo, Japan.

She began playing the violin at the age of four and was initially taught using the Suzuki method. She continued her studies at Toho Gakuen High School of Music, and then at Toho Gakuen University of Music.

Her teachers included Toshiya Eto, Angela Eto and Shigeki Oshita.

From 1997, Chiaki studied under Ivan Straus for two years at the Academy of Arts in Prague, Czech Republic.

She then moved to Spain in 1999 to play with the Real Sinfonica de Sevilla.

Returning to the Czech Republic two years later, she joined the Zapadcesky Sinonicky Orchestr Marianske Lazne, of which she would later become concertmaster.

From 2005, Chiaki played with the Pilsen Philharmonic Orchestra as assistant concertmaster.

Since her return to Tokyo in 2015, she has been busy as a performer, composer and arranger. Chiaki specializes in composing and arranging for string instruments, and some of her works have been performed internationally.

Fluent in five languages, Chiaki's translation from Czech into Japanese of Zdeněk Gola's treatise Vibrato was published in 2017 (Ongaku No Tomo).

In addition to extensive performances in Japan and the Czech Republic, she has also played in Italy, Germany, Brazil and the USA.

Lesson day



From beginners to professionals

Lesson fee

Following the violin school of Chiaki YamazakiLink


In addition to practicing piano,

Studying and reading in the waiting room,

It is a music

So many children's books...

A good piano for practicing...